How Does the Daily Fantasy Sports App Work?

Despite being around for less than a decade, the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) industry has grown by leaps and bounds.

Daily fantasy sports let people bet on sports using their mobile devices and get cash rewards the very same day. This is why fantasy sports have gained so much appeal, growing the industry into a billion dollar enterprise projected to be worth well over $14 billion by the year 2020.

One of the most popular variants of this new betting fad is fantasy football. In fact, daily fantasy football is in the lead with regard to the booming popularity of daily fantasy sports. For those new to this sport, here is what fantasy football is, how it works, and what the media is saying about it.

So, What Is Fantasy Football?

Unlike typical fantasy football, daily fantasy football are contests that begin and end the same day. However, for most parts, the rules of the two fantasy football versions are similar. For instance, you select a team of players on the basis of their salary cap.

These players then get points depending on how they fare in the pitch.

At the moment, every week, millions of dollars are awarded to winners. Players of daily fantasy football can place bets of between $0.25 to $1000. Some even offer prizes like beard supplements.

Some popular fantasy football sites are DraftKings and FanDuel.

How Does Fantasy Football Work?
First of all, playing daily fantasy sports involves staking real money. Nevertheless, rather than wait an entire season or a weekend before the contest is complete, the entire process takes just a day.

You should select your team based on a choice fantasy contest. The draft is selected depending on salary cap. However, this is not always the case, but it is the rule rather than the exception. How this works is, you select participants based on a fixed maximum salary of say, $50,000, based on which you have to make a 9-player roaster as is required of a football match. For instance, some players can cost as much as $9000, while others can cost less than half as much.

Although your selection is completely independent of what everyone else has selected, you could end up selecting the same lineup as someone else.

The better the players you have chosen do on the field, the better your performance. The players earn fantasy points. You should select a team that can score better than competing fantasy football teams.

Fantasy Football In The News
At the moment, daily fantasy football is legal, but the popularity of this form of sports betting is predicted to change gambling’s legal landscape in future. The use of modern technologies such as mobile phones and the large amounts of money involved in fantasy sports is challenging existing laws on gambling, which do not take daily fantasy sports as seriously as conventional gambling games.

At the moment, fantasy sports are not considered gambling under the law, since a fantasy sport is considered a “game of skill” rather than a “game of chance.”

That’s why many fantasy participants who take it seriously like to take a brain supplement to boost their cognitive abilities. In places like UK and most of Europe, sports betting is considered gambling, and the U.S, is likely to follow suit. The media also speculates that the popularity of this game will change American culture considerably over the next couple of years.

DS Domination profile: is drop-shipping dead?

Since DS Domination has been so quiet these past few months, it’s time to explore the possibility that drop shipping may be over and done with.

Mixed reviews are coming in on DS Domination, but it’s mostly predicated on drop-shipping.

Buying and selling between eBay, Amazon, and other big-box sellers to reap profits from price differentials is hardly a new business concept any longer. It was when DS Domination was founded, two years ago.

But now in late 2015, is drop shipping dead?

Let’s see what Google Trends has to say.

To answer the question, we can turn to Google Trends. As you can see, interest in drop shipping has remained steady and stable during the time DS Domination has been in business.

The same cannot be said, however, for interest in DS Domination. Follow the red line on the bar graph and you’ll see a steady downward decline in internet searches on the company name.

MLMs who enjoy initial success often find it much harder to maintain profits after the one-year mark.It’s especially difficult after two years, which is where we’re at with DS Domination.Founded in late 2013, they seem to have all but disappeared from the front lines of MLM these days. I wrote about this a few months ago and nothing seems to have changed since then.

With an average of one post per month on their Facebook page (1), a fleeing CEO (2) and a marketing campaign targeting all the DS Domination “quitters”, things still don’t look so good even after this summer’s launch of DS Domination 2.0.

And ranking hits for top team Unit of Prosperity all date from at least a year ago.

If drop shipping isn’t dead, then what’s up with DS Domination?

Consider the timeliness of the product and how much that had to do with its launch success. Back then, everyone wanted to learn how to make money by drop shipping.

Fast forward two years and it’s hard to miss all the drop shipping tutorials available…for free, no less!

And as for a platform like what DS domination offers: plenty of competition in that department as well.

In fact, the competition might better explain why DS Domination is hiding in the shadows these days.

With companies like Vendornet (now “ebay enterprise”) sporting highly professional-looking websites and superior products and services, how’s an amateurish logo with a roughly-drawn fist (that’s DS Domination) likely to compete? What’s more, there’s no recruiting involved with the new companies.

Next to these new startups, DS Domination looks pretty shabby and suspect.

As with so many online sources of income, so goes DS Domination.

Between all the free info on how to make money drop shipping, and the new crop of platforms ready to automate the processes for you, it’s no wonder DS Domination is fading. The only saving grace is that DS Domination might be more cost effective for people who are good at network marketing but who don’t have the cash to spend on the newer platforms.

But since it’s all based on recruiting, it might just be getting tougher and tougher to make money in the DS Domination. For the newbies and amateurs, drop shipping may indeed be dead. It’s covered by the big boys now- loopholes are closing and there’s no longer a lot of wiggle room in which to reap profits for the cowboys that started it all several years ago.

Welcome to your online career.


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